Do I need to do both ESOS and Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (“SECR”)?

The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting legislation (aka “SECR”) is beginning to make its presence felt in the board room and with such a large crossover with ESOS, a question we get from many of our clients is “Does SECR replace ESOS?” or, alternatively, “Do I need to do both SECR and ESOS?”.   The simple answer is “yes” if you qualify for them, i.e., if you qualify for ESOS you will need to do ESOS and if you qualify for SECR you need to do SECR and just because you are doing one it does not mean you can ignore the other.  Sorry.

Different criteria for ESOS and SECR

As a reminder, the qualification criteria for SECR are different than those for ESOS.  In summary, you need to participate in SECR if:

  1. You are a listed company, or

If you answer “yes” to two or three of the following:

  1. You have over 250 staff
  2. You have over £36 million turnover
  3. You have over £18 million gross balance sheet assets (NB not “Net Assets”)

Most of our ESOS clients need to do SECR as well.  If this applies to you as well, then this is obviously going to mean incurring additional cost every year for your SECR assessment but if you are doing both SECR and ESOS you should see a reduction in your 4-yearly ESOS fee as most of the analysis required for ESOS is done as a part of SECR already.

How to best approach doing both ESOS and SECR together

In terms of the best way to approach things if you are required to do both SECR and ESOS, one way seems to be proving more popular than others.  This is to continue to provide the same data that you supplied for ESOS on a monthly/quarterly basis so we can use it as the backbone of your SECR report, i.e. just keep the data flowing to us.  This has some significant advantages:

  1. For larger clients, getting all of the required data is not simple (nor quick) and now that they have processes in place, they can just keep those processes running rather than stopping them now and then go through the pain of re-introducing them later for SECR.
  2. Spotting and fixing gaps in data as we go along is obviously easier than addressing problems that may have happened over a year ago. For our risk-adverse clients, this means that there is less of a chance of having missing data than if we did it the whole report retrospectively with the entire data for the year sent to us in one block at the end of the SECR period.
  3. Having Plato, our energy management platform, kept up to date allows us to produce interim monthly or quarterly reports on your energy use. Some clients, specifically those with a significant energy spend, value this information as they can see the effect of their energy saving measures immediately rather than having to wait until the end of the year.


So, in conclusion, “yes” you need to do both ESOS and SECR if you qualify for both and the most cost-effective and lowest risk approach is to keep the energy data flowing through to us once ESOS Phase 2 finishes and your SECR analysis period commences.

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