In this 10-minutes video, you will learn all you need to know about SECR and how to comply with it. Learn what is SECR, who needs to comply with it, and when do you need to do it.

Who needs to comply with SECR?

If your company is classed as “large” in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 you will need to carry out SECR compliance and provide a record in your end-of-year accounts.

“Large” companies are those that meet 2 out of the 3 following criteria you will need to do an SECR report:

  • A turnover over £36m
  • A balance sheet over £18m
  • More than 250 employees

In addition, all UK quoted companies (MGHG) will need to submit an SECR report.

Businesses that use less than 40MWh over the reporting period are exempt, but a statement confirming your energy use at this level still needs to be included. Public sector organisations are exempt from having to submit SECR reports.

Why should I use a software?

To comply with SECR you will need to do a lot of calculations. It is really important to be accurate with the data collection. Climate change data is as important as financial data, so it will need to be complete, accurate and timely.

You can collect this data manually, through a consultancy, or with a software. Doing it manually is your lowest cost option, but it is easier that you make mistakes or forget some data. Using a software is the best option in terms of cost-time balance. It will require you to enter the data, but top software check if you are missing data or if it is not correct. Moreover, those software contain checklists that will ensure you don’t forget any data. 

Using a software will also help you to check which projects are going to be more effective for your company.You only need to upload all the data to the software (you can check what data do you need on the SECR Checklist dashboard). Once you have submitted everything to PLATO, you can request your report. Our experts will review it before handling it to you.

PLATO is the professional cloud-based software that allows you to comply with SECR. It is easy to use and you can request help from our team anytime. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to enhance your company’s energy and cost efficiency through advanced software.

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