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Climate change and the way we interact with our environment has had a significant impact on our health. The UK government has therefore set a target for the country to become Net zero carbon by 2050, with the NHS striving to be the first national health service to be Net Zero carbon by 2040.

NHS Supply Chain has made a commitment to both trusts and suppliers to prioritise sustainable development. Whilst the target to reach Net Zero for Trusts has been set for 2040, the target for their suppliers is 2045.


What is an ESG report?

An Environmental, Social and Governance Report (ESG) is a statement from a company announcing its current commitment to any environment, social and governance issue. It states how they are going to act in the future regarding these credentials.

The purpose of an ESG report is to state the purpose and values of the company. This will lead to increased trust from stakeholders such as investors, suppliers, customers, and employees. An ESG is a communication tool to document your companies efforts to being environmentally and socially conscious.

Companies only need to create one ESG report, which they will keep updated and use whenever it is required.

Who needs ESG?

Quick and easy answer… EVERYONE!

While not a legal requirement, it is important to show your customers and clients that you care about ESG issues. There is a shifting expectation of what information companies need to share.

There is a growing demand for companies to be honest and transparent in their disclosure on their ESG commitments from their stakeholders and the UK Government.

Customers, clients and shareholders are starting to base decisions on a corporations’ commitment to combating climate, social and governance issues.  

What do I need to include?

You will need to include the following in your ESG report:

  • Details on your environmental reports and plan of action.
  • Details on your social reports and how are you going to improve them.
  • Details on your governance reports and plan of action.

How can we help?

Enistic is a tried and trusted brand, helping some of the best-known businesses and largest companies in the UK comply with sustainability regulations. We have the expertise and know-how to successfully guide you through the process.

To achieve Net Zero you will need to do a lot of calculations. Calculating your Carbon Footprint and monitoring it is one of the most important things you’ll need to do, as it will help you understand where you stand, and it will set a starting point for your Net Zero journey.

That is why it is really important to be accurate with the data collection. Moreover, climate change data is as important as financial data, so it will need to be complete, accurate and timely.

You can collect this data manually, through a consultancy or with a platform. Doing it manually is your lowest cost option, but this does also increase the chance of making mistakes or forgetting bits of your data. For many, using a platform is the best option in terms of cost-time balance. With the Enistic Platform, you are required to enter the data, with the software automatically checking if you are missing data or if it is not correct. 

The Enistic Platform is the professional cloud-based software that allows you to calculate your Carbon Footprint and monitor it. It has a Carbon Planner integrated that will allow you to create a Carbon Reduction Plan and see the impact of your carbon reduction projects. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to enhance your company’s energy and cost efficiency through advanced software with the help of our experts.

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