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Partnering for Growth

Partner with Enistic for more efficient workflows and collaboration with your clients. Everything is easier when we work together.

Why partnering with Enistic?

Established in 2002 by leading internet entrepreneur, Darryl Mattocks, Enistic has been helping hundreds of companies throughout the world report and reduce their carbon use ever since. We provide carbon accounting software to help companies quantify, report, and reduce their emissions. Our experts can advise on how to build carbon reduction projects that work best for your business and help you get the most out of our platform.

Our Partner Programmes


Referral Partners

Join Enistic’s referral programme and earn commissions. Extend your client list by becoming a certified Enistic partner. We manage your client journey, from assessment to implementation, guaranteeing a smooth and sustainable experience. Partner with Enistic to make a positive impact while enhancing your financial success.


Resellers Partners

Join Enistic’s resellers programme and integrate the #1 carbon accounting platform into your offerings. Refer your clients to Enistic to help them with their carbon management and reporting. You keep control of the clients relationship, offering a comprehensive service that combines your expertise and our carbon accounting solutions. Partner with Enistic to make a positive impact while enhancing your financial success.

Become a partner



Give access to as many users as you need on each account

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Interactive access

Easily access and view client data, making carbon accounting easier than ever.

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Automatic imports

Upload data automatically to the platform and easily access your live carbon footprint.


Easy to share

Share the data internally, with clients, and with their stakeholders.

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One-click reports

Automatically generate and download carbon reports that guarantee compliance.


Automatic conversions

Convert data automatically to CO2 tonnes to easily assess your carbon footprint.


Client protection

Your clients are yours, we guarantee we will not approach them.


Premium support

Telephone, chat, email, video calls,… we are here for you!

Who is the programme for?

Join our Partner Programme and automate your clients’ environmental data management so you get more time for what matters.

Becoming an Enistic Partner is suitable for anyone who has their own client base of companies and wants to both make additional revenue from their clients whilst at the same time helping their clients to work in a more sustainable way with a lower carbon footprint.

Ideal for…

✓    Accountants, financial institutions

✓    Energy brokers

✓    Equipment and service providers

✓    Environmental and sustainability consultants

✓    Councils and trade associations

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