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Partner with Enistic for more efficient workflows and collaboration with your clients. Everything is easier when we work together.

Your clients could benefit from 100% compliant reports, access to our carbon management platform or world-class consultancy.

One-click reports

Automatically generate and download carbon reports that guarantee compliance.

Interactive access

Easily view client data, making carbon management easier than ever.

Automatic conversions

Convert data automatically to CO2 tonnes to easily assess your carbon footprint.

Better collaboration

Dedicated support allows you to look after your clients with peace of mind.

How the partner
programme works

Expertise in the fastest growing area of corporate needs in the world

Join our Partner Programme and automate your clients’ environmental data management so you get more time for what matters.

Join and get Enistic-certified to give access to the platform to your clients.

✓    Accountants,

✓    Environmental/sustainability consultants,

✓    Energy brokers who have clients can join.

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Download our brochure for full benefits, terms, add-ons, and prices

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Centralised Working

Clarity: The Enistic Platform uses proven methodologies that give you clear visibility over complex data across different sites, allowing you to easily identify problems and inaccuracies.

Credibility: We use the latest government conversion factors so that regardless of how your energy is measured, it can be converted into CO2 tonnes to easily assess your carbon footprint.

Compliance: Over 12 years, we have helped businesses reach and exceed compliance criteria.

Control: Should your commercial priorities change, we can hold and maintain your data so that you have full control over the process.

Your Client Plans

Download our brochure for full benefits, add-ons, and prices.

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Download our brochure to find out more about the Partner Programme. From there, you can sign up and join the Enistic community of accountants, consultants and energy brokers. Collaborate with your peers, support your clients and boost your practice.

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