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If you’re a manufacturer that needs to comply to ESOS, Enistic is your perfect partner.

Our specialist lead assessors have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the manufacturing industry.


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  • The 5 best ways to reduce your energy, distilled from our experience of doing over 2000 energy audits
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  • An executive summary of where ESOS fits into your business
  • The top 5 questions you should be asking your lead assessor
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Why Enistic?


Enistic are the UK market leader in ESOS compliance. Our fully automated reporting system ensures you save time and money! Our seamless accounting system, Plato, allows users to access their data from anywhere in the world.

We believe in making the most out of ESOS, that’s why we suggest to each of our clients ways outside of ESOS that they can save money – from our superb sub-metering to the installion of solar panels. By understanding how your business works, we’re able to provide you with information that actually adds value and saves money.


Want to know how we can help you further?

Portable Energy Audit Kit – PEAK

Our custom built Portable Energy Audit Kit (PEAK) allows us to monitor energy consumption immediately during audits. It’s user-friendly and easy to manage carry-case gives us the perfect tool to provide the most in-depth data that really matters.

Simple and straightforward to use – even for non technical personnel, this portable data logger includes our market leading Energy Manager Online software which combines a feature-rich specification with a user friendly desktop that gets you measuring your energy in no time at all.
A PORTABLE DATA LOGGER AND ENERGY AUDIT KIT – Operate and manage your facilities at a lower cost
  • Identify waste
  • Understand usage
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Minimize CO2 emissions


5 Practical Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption for Manufacturers

With the ESOS Phase 2 data capture period beginning in January 2018, it’s time for manufacturers to start thinking about ESOS. The sector makes up one fifth of organisations that fall into ESOS, however not every lead assessor fully understands the needs of this ever-complex industry.

Manufacturers could save nearly 12 TWh off their yearly consumption, this saving equates to nearly 4% of the UK’s entire annual usage!

Only 13% of manufacturers felt that ESOS had helped support the energy efficiency initiative. This highlights that using a key assessor with manufacturing understanding and experience is key to unlocking any benefit


Here are some tips to reduce your carbon and energy usage:

1. Motors, Fans & Pumps  

Save up to 50% by reducing your fan speed by only 20%!

2. Factory Heating & Insulation  

Most factories produce huge amounts of heat as a by-product of industrial processes, yet still 12% of energy usage by manufacturers is spent on heating.

3. Compressed Air

Re-evaluate how the air is used, if there’s room to reduce the pressure, consider the savings that will make on the consumption levels.

4. Refridgeration 

Refrigeration units, whether domestic or industrial, can fall victim to small defects that result in huge increases in energy consumption. Some regular attention could see you saving a huge amount of energy.

5. Lighting 

It’s common knowledge that swapping regular bulbs or LED lighting saves a massive amount of energy usage, but why stop there?

Our ESOS Guide for manufacturers has a huge variety of practical energy-saving opportinities. Download yours today and start saving money now.


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