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In line with the Climate Change Act 2008, the government have set themselves the target to lower the UK’s Greenhouse gas emissions to 0 by the year 2050.

This can only realistically be achieved if UK businesses set in place clear plans on how they will each hit the target.

With this in mind, any company that wishes to bid for government contracts worth over £5 million will, after the 30th of  September this year need to set in place:

1) A Full Carbon Footprint measuring Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions; and

2) A suitable Carbon Reduction plan which must meet the required standard as set out by the supporting guidance to this PPN.

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What needs to be included in the Full Carbon Footprint

and Carbon Reduction Plan?

Your company’s Full Carbon Footprint and Carbon Reduction Plan has to include at least:

Confirming the bidding supplier’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050 for their UK operations.

Providing the supplier’s current emissions for the sources included in Scope 1 and 2of the GHG Protocol, and a defined subset of Scope 3 emissions.

Providing emissions reporting in CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) for the six greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol4.

Setting out the environmental management measures in effect, including certification schemes or specific carbon reduction measures you have adopted, and that you will be able to apply when performing the contract and that support achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Publication of the CRP on the supplier’s website.


Unlike the measurement of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions we see in the Streamlined  Energy and Carbon Report (SECR), Scope 3 emissions tend to be larger, more complex, and demand more detailed analysis in terms of:

Establishing a manageable scope for measurement.

Deciding what upstream and downstream emissions need to be considered

How to maintain your Full Carbon Footprint

How to store, analyse and display your footprint at will 

How can I easily measure my company’s Full Carbon Footprint and create a Carbon Reduction Plan?


At Enistic, we have made our professional carbon management software available for companies.

PLATO is a cloud-based RegTech platform that facilitates the measurement, reporting, and management of an organisation’s carbon footprint. 

Its sustainability data warehouse consolidates, validates, and enriches relevant data for dynamic analysis and informed decisions making. 

PLATO is widely used to generate accurate and real-time Full Carbon Footprints and developing realistic Carbon Reduction Plans. It adds value by producing regulatory reports such as SECR, ESOS, Scope 3, and TCFD. 

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