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ISO50001 is the international standard for energy management.  As you carry out the ISO50001 certification you will be performing many the same processes as you would do for ESOS.  If you have ISO50001 in place before the December 2019 deadline, you will be exempted from ESOS – although you will still have to notify DEC that this is the case.


ISO 50001
  • ISO50001 is an internationally recognised standard and your company will gain additional prestigue by having this accreditation.
  • ISO50001 may be required when dealing with larger customers who have mandated that alll of their supply chain have ISO50001 or equivalent.
  • With ISO50001 the consultant and the auditor signing off the application must be different people.
  • ISO50001 is more beurocratic and has more process related documentation aspects, although the actual audit and improvement recommendation processes are much the same.
  • Because of the additional admin, the ISO50001 takes longer to put in place, typically 18 – 30 months for a reasonable size company.
  • ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria
  • ESOS has a strict ‘in or out’ qualifications that means organisations that don’t fall into ESOS cannot comply. They can however manage and reduce their energy using energy management systems.
  • ESOS Consultants can help you both prepare and conduct your audit and then sign it off.
  • ESOS can be gained in 12 months going at a relatively modest pace
Our energy management system (“Plato”) caters equally well for ISO50001 or ESOS and we have a fully compliant ISO50001 documentation set available to download to get you started should you wish to go down that route.




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