Here at Enistic we use Plato Net Zero to produce all regulatory reports such as SECR, ESOS, Scope 3, and TCFD. It adds value by generating accurate and real-time Carbon Footprints and developing realistic Carbon Reduction Plans.

Plato Net Zero is the #1 carbon reporting software in the UK and Europe. 

It analyses and controls carbon and energy data in real-time across unlimited sites with unlimited user access. It facilitates the measurement, reporting, and management of an organisation’s carbon emissions. 

Why does Enistic use Plato Net Zero?

Plato Net Zero is the backbone of our carbon and energy management services. It allows our clients to much better understand when and where their carbon consumption is going with its easy to interpret dashboards and reports. It enables carbon and energy waste to be identified and to better manage consumption which leads to average savings of 28%.

The software allows you to save time by entering the data and avoiding having to scan and send your energy bills. You will only need to load the data into the software and request the report (SECR, ESOS, Full Carbon Footprint, Carbon Reduction Plan, etc). Once our experts have reviewed the report, you can download it in an editable format, so you can customise it.

Also, Plato Net Zero can be accessed anytime, anyplace, anywhere with your own personal secure login.

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Want to join Plato Net Zero Partner Programme?

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Save time and money with Plato Net Zero, the professional cloud-based software that allows you to generate carbon emissions and energy usage reports such as ESOS, SECR and carbon reduction plans.

Simplify environmental
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SECR, ESOS and PPN 06/21 reports

Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Plans

Live Full Carbon Footprint​

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Over 300 businesses
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More than 300 enterprise level businesses in the UK use Plato Net Zero to monitor and complete their environmental tasks and goals.

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Request a Plato Net Zero free trial

Plato Net Zero gives you the opportunity to enhance your company’s energy and cost efficiency through advanced software with the help of our experts! Request a 30-day free trial.

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Support when you need it

World-Class Support

Our experts will help you with any technical issues you may have to ensure you manage your carbon emissions efficiently. 

Training & Workshops

All users receive the necessary training to use Plato Net Zero proficiently. Moreover, users are invited to attend workshops to make the most of the software.


Tried and Trusted

Plato Net Zero has been trusted by professionals for more than 12 years. In that time, over 2,300 compliant reports have been generated using the software. 

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Request a Plato Net Zero free trial

Plato Net Zero gives you the opportunity to enhance your company’s energy and cost efficiency through advanced software with the help of our experts! Request a 30-days free trial.

Request a free trail 5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sites can I have on Plato Net Zero?

Plato Net Zero allows you to enter the data of ALL your company sites.

How many Plato Net Zero seats can I have?

You can give access to as many users as you want. You can manage them through the admin dashboard.

Do I need to download the software?

No, you don’t. It’s a cloud-based software, meaning data can be submitted, processed and analysed from any location. 

Can I create SECR, ESOS and PPN06-21 reports with Plato Net Zero?

Yes, you can. Once you have submitted all the data required, you can request that our experts build your reports. They will also ensure that it is compliant. 

Can I manage my Carbon Neutrality journey with Plato Net Zero?

Plato Net Zero can generate a live carbon summary document allowing informed decision making and policy formulation be as current, pertinent and accurate as possible. 

Do I need lots of training?

Plato Net Zero is intuitive in nature to enable effective emissions reporting to be possible without in-depth industry knowledge. 

How can I get support?

Telephone and email support is available from 9-5 Monday to Friday. You can also book a video call with one of our experts or chat with us through the website.

Can I enter my Scope 3 emissions?

Plato Net Zero allows you to measure, analyse and report on your full Carbon Footprint in line with the latest government tendering processes, TCFD and a wish to portray a more complete image of your emissions.

How can I know that the reports generated with Plato Net Zero are reliable?

We have been using Plato to deliver a wide range of compliance reporting for over 11 years. Over 2,500 reports have been generate so far, with not one single report failing to meet the necessary standards. 

Can I check my Carbon Footprint with Plato Net Zero?

Plato Net Zero provides you with a live carbon footprint so you can make changes based on immediate and accurate data. 

Can I customise the layout of the reports?

Plato Net Zero provides fully customisable reports. You will get a downloadable and editable document that combines best practice and a report that will match your own priorities and company policies.

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Plato Net Zero gives you the opportunity to enhance your company’s energy and cost efficiency through advanced software with the help of our experts! Request a 30-days free trial. 

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