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NHS Net Zero Compliance for Suppliers:

Requirements and Challenges



Meet the Hosts
Brett Denly, Head of Healthcare Practices

Brett is an expert in PPN 06/21 compliance and has helped a number of healthcare suppliers meet the requirements neccesary for their business. Brett has been an integral aid for companies on their Net Zero journey, providing clear and concise advice on their road to compliance. 

Darryl Mattocks, Founder and Managing Director of Enistic

Enistic was established in 2002 by Darry Mattocks, with the ambition to help companies reduce their energy consumption and promote green practices. 

Over the years, Enistic has helped over 300 companies to diminish their energy consumption and carbon emissions, providing compliance services such as PPN 06/21, design and bureau services to make it easier for energy managers to reduce their energy expenditure, energy consumption, Carbon Footprint and comply with their legal obligations.


“Enistic helped our company to comply with PPN 06/21 and ensure our contract with the NHS. Their service is fast and Plato allows us to track our carbon footprint and check our carbon reduction plans.”

— Kristine Herman, Enistic Client

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