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Guaranteed compliance with
PPN 06/21

The Procurement Policy Note 06/21

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Ensuring PPN 06/21 compliance to the increasingly complex legislation landscape eats into your valuable time – Time better spent on core activities.

Enistic has helped some of the best-known brands, and largest companies in the world comply with PPN 06/21 regulations. We have the expertise and know-how to successfully guide you through the process.

Our carbon reporting platform will help you to manage, analyse and act on your PPN 06/21 data.

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Working with us for your PPN 06/21 needs we guarantee: 

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PPN 06/21 for NHS Suppliers

In 2019, the NHS alone produced 25 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, which equates to around the same as the overall carbon footprint of Sri Lanka. In other terms, the total amount of carbon emissions emitted by the NHS equals around 7% of the UK’s overall carbon emissions.

The NHS aims to reach Net Zero for their direct emissions by 2040 and has set a target of 2045 for indirect emissions.

Enistic has joined the NHS Net Zero journey, providing support to organisations in the NHS supply chain. Our experts have over 20 years of experience, having produced 3,000 + reports that have consistently met the high standard we strive for. Our mission is to help our clients reach their sustainability goals by providing life-time solutions and world-class services.

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