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Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) launched the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme back in 2019 (referred to as the Grant Scheme) which is delivered by Salix.

The Grant Scheme has offered £1.075bn of grant funding which aligns with BEIS’ new mission and priorities: fighting coronavirus, backing business, unleashing innovation and tackling climate change. The scheme also encourages green investment, supporting the Government’s net zero and clean growth goals.

The scheme is available for capital energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation projects within public sector non-domestic buildings, including central government departments and non-departmental public bodies in England only, and delivers the following objectives:

Deliver stimulus to the energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation sectors, supporting jobs.

Deliver significant carbon savings within the public sector.

The scheme allows public sector bodies (PSBs) including eligible central government departments and their non-departmental public bodies in England only to apply for a grant to finance up to 100% of the costs of capital energy-saving projects that meet the scheme criteria.

What Can I Apply For?

Free Energy Audit & Carbon Reduction Plan

This is a 20-30 page analysis on how you can transform your buildings, showing:

1) What your carbon footprint is now

2) What you could do to reduce your footprint

3) Where you are Wasting Energy & what you can do to lower your energy costs (saving money and carbon)

4) How good your insulation is in your buildings and how efficient your boilers, lights and heating systems are

Free Energy Efficient Heating

Most gas and oil boilers have an efficiency of 90% or more but using an energy-efficient heat pump this figure shoots up to an efficiency of over 280%.

This will save many tonnes of CO2 per year and be much cheaper to run than gas or oil.

Free LED lighting

We can provide new LED lights for your buildings on either a fully installed or supply only basis.

LED lights are cheaper to run, last longer and provide other benefits such as a better working environment and fewer headaches.

Free Solar Panels

Solar panels provide free energy from the sun, reducing your electricity bill each month.

Generally installed on a south-facing roof, once fitted they continue to work for over 20 years and any energy you generate but don’t use can be sold back to the grid at a profit.

Key Dates for the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

 Application Deadline for applications
All eligible bodies. Applications to be opened soon.

Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund

In addition to the support provided by Salix for completing the Grant Scheme application, the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund (referred to as the Low Carbon Skills Fund) is also available. This provides grants to help all eligible public sector bodies to source specialist and expert advice to identify and develop energy efficiency and low carbon heat upgrade projects for non-domestic buildings, before preparing robust and effective applications to the Grant Scheme.

This fund provides money to public sector bodies (including schools, academies and MATs) to get in specialist support and advice on how to make their buildings more energy efficient, and decarbonise all aspects including their heating. In essence this can pay for audits and for a holistic decarbonisation plan to be developed.

This should be of interest to Estates Directors and the like who could put in a simple application for funding to have all of their estate audited and an energy reduction plan put in place. This can be applied for by any public sector body including individual schools, academies and MATs.

The applications for the Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund are now closed.

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Request a callback to arrange a 20-minute grant pre-application meeting over Zoom or MS Teams.  

We can check your eligibility, explain what you can claim for, explain the funding process and answer any questions you may have.

What’s in my Decarbonization Plan?

A comprehensive and thought-through Decarbonisation Plan that includes practical advice, analysis and backup evidence on:

  1. Thermographic scan: The insulation levels throughout your site
  2. Heat pumps: The suitability of using heat pumps to reduce your carbon footprint and significantly reduce your heating costs
  3. LED Lighting: Suitability for installing more LED lighting throughout your premise
  4. Solar panels: Whether you could benefit from Solar Panels and the costs/efficiency of those
  5. Baseload analysis: Exploration of what you leave on overnight (we measure this)
  6. ESOS Quality Energy Audit: A full site audit highlighting areas where you have energy saving opportunities

What can you get 100% funding for?

Insulation Check

insulation check

We use an infrared camera to analyse whether your insulation is at optimum levels or not

Heat Pumps

heat pump

We analyse your boiler(s) to see whether we can save you money and carbon by upgrading it to the latest equipment

Solar Panels

solar panels

Free electricity from the sun.  20kW, 50kW or 100kW systems fitted on any suitable south-facing roof.

LED Lighting

led lighting

Lower electricity bills, better quality light and an improved working environment.

Smart Meter Data Analysis

example of a smart meter data analysis

If you don’t have smart meters, let’s fit one for you and if you do, let’s analyse the data to see whether things are being left on at night

Wasted Energy

logo of ESOS compliance

Having performed over 2,500 commercial energy audits and working to BS:EN16247 standard, we show you where you can save energy throughout your site

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you supply and install free heat pumps, LED lighting, solar etc?

Yes.  We act as prime contractors to procure and install your heat pumps, LED lighting, and solar panels plus, if you want, we can deliver a thought-through and comprehensive energy audit and carbon reduction plan.

Is the Energy Audit and Carbon Reduction Plan really free?

Yes, the government pays for it.  On average we charge commercial clients £7,995 for a typical plan (we have delivered hundreds of plans such as this).  We charge you for the plan and the project management but the entire amount is paid for with a grant from the Public Sector Heat Decarbonisation Plan scheme (£1bn of grant funding) so it costs you nothing.

Are upgrades such as solar and heat pumps free?

Yes.  So long as the application is filed on time (we can help you with this) and is accepted you get a 100% grant for all of the upgrades.

What's the catch?

There’s no catch. However, the application period is very short, so the time you have to make the application is extremely tight.

How much can I apply for?

There’s no limit.  So long as the upgrades meet certain criteria (we can advise on this) you can get as small as £5k and as high as £500k.

You offer energy audits and equipment upgrades ... can I get both?

Yes.  Most people apply for a full heat decarbonisation plan and some upgrades (typically heat pump, LED lighting, metering and solar) at the same time.

We're a registered charity. Is the grant fund available to me?

No, I’m afraid not.

We're not a Public Sector Body. Can we apply?

No, I’m afraid not.

How does Enistic make money from this?

All of this costs you nothing. All of the costs for preparing the decarbonisation plan and the project management fee are paid using a grant from the government which we obtain before any works are started. 

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Request a callback to arrange a 20-minute grant pre-application meeting over Zoom or MS Teams.  

We can check your eligibility, explain what you can claim for, explain the funding process and answer any questions you may have.

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