scope 3 emissions

What are Scope 3 emissions?

Scope 3 Emissions are emissions that occur in a company’s value chain but which are not the result of direct actions by the reporting organization. In other words, all emissions not included in Scope 1 (all direct emissions from the activities of a company or under its control) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions from electricity purchased and used by a company), are included in Scope 3. 

What emissions are included in Scope 3 emissions?

Scope 3 emissions are composed by:

As a result, Scope 3 typically represents the greater part of a company’s total emissions. However, companies are not required to quantify Scope 3 emissions when completing a Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report.  Even so, there is growing pressure on companies from potential investors, shareholders, clients, partners, and even staff, to fully understand their Carbon Footprint including Scope 3, and how this works throughout their value chain.   Understanding your full Carbon Footprint will allow you to make informed decisions for the future, reduce your impact on the planet and minimise the commercial risks to your company created through a lack of transparency or ignorance of your Carbon burden. Although Scope 3 emissions could well represent the majority of your GHG emissions, reducing them is possible once you understand their source. Please note that your clients are probably already looking at their emissions and will be looking for sustainable partners and suppliers.

Why should a company measure its Scope 3 emissions?

Demonstrating a commitment to managing your carbon footprint and environmental impact will help to improve your brand image in an increasingly green conscious climate.

It can save money through reduced energy consumption and waste costs, improving the overall efficiency of company operations.

You can be ahead of the curve for future compliance requirements, reviewing if your day-to-day activities are sustainable and meet detailed scrutiny.

It can improve employee engagement, keeping teams informed of their environmental roles and responsibilities.

Can I analyse my Scope 3 emissions on my own?

Yes, you can. Enistic has developed PLATO, a cloud-based Carbon Management Software for professionals. It allows you to display and analyse Scope 3 emissions and create SECR reports and Carbon Footprint Reports. Moreover, it gives you details of your Carbon Footprint, analyse and make informed decisions for the future.


How can Enistic help you to go carbon neutral?

At Enistic we provide proven, science-based, custom carbon net zero plans over 1, 3 and 5 years.

Following our effective 7 step plan, we can help you to build a carbon zero strategy:

1. Outline clear objectives on a timeline

At Enistic, we understand that it is important to state SMART objectives to ensure that your business can set a specific, measurable and achievable timeline for improved energy management for your business.

2. Measure & manage your emissions data

Analysing your energy usage and carbon footprint data is an integral part of running a carbon efficient business. With PLATO, you will be able to centralise all your enegry and carbon data to monitor and manage it from anytime and anywhere. 

3. Make plans for long term impact and benefit

We are able to assist your company in planning your cabron reduction plan and ensuring it is time and cost effiicient, whilst considering the implementation of future saving measures. 

4. Always work to the best practice standards

Enistic is able to help your company achieve the best practice standards. We have more than 18 years of experience helping thousands of companies to comply with government regualtions, as well as understanding their carbon footprint and emission reductions. 

5. Establish carbon reductions you can manage prior to carbon offsetting

We will carry out a thorough analysis of your emissions in order to determine the most suitable carbon reductions for your company. We aim to work with you to reduce your emissions as much as possible, before we implement carbon offsetting projects. 

6. Ensure your offset projects meet detailed scrutiny

At Enistic, we will only recommend your company carbon offsetting projects that come from a verified and reliable supplier, such as the Gold Standard.  

7. Full and transparent reporting

We will create reports for your company on a regular basis, our experts will present them to you which giving you a more detailed outline.  You will also have access to a live view of your carbon footprint for further transparency. 

Whether you are just starting out on your carbon reduction journey setting up an environmental group at your company or wanting to fully review and intelligently address your carbon footprint, we can help you to make a genuine impact.

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