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Supply Chain

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Supply Chain reporting made easy

Understanding and managing Supply Chain carbon emissions is crucial for businesses committed to sustainability and Net Zero. Supply Chain emissions are usually the most complex analyse and track as they are typically vast and interconnected, involving multiple suppliers, subcontractors, and logistical networks. Also, data collection itself can be time-consuming, requiring extensive collaboration and data sharing.

Enistic offers a streamlined, automated solution that simplifies the tracking of Supply Chain emissions, saving you both time and money. With six different analytical methods for Supply Chain, Enistic provides accurate insights that enable businesses to make informed decisions and effectively reduce their Carbon Footprint, helping them achieve their Net Zero targets.

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Sustainable Supply Chain: How to automate data collection

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Why is it important to calculate Supply Chain?

Accurate Carbon Footprint

Supply Chains often contribute significantly to overall emissions, so understanding these impacts is essential for effective climate action and sustainability strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Increasingly, governments and regulatory bodies are mandating emissions reporting and reductions. Calculating supply chain emissions helps businesses comply with these regulations and avoid penalties.

Risk Management

Identifying emission hotspots within the supply chain helps mitigate risks associated with climate change, such as disruptions due to extreme weather events or regulatory changes.

Brand Reputation

Consumers, investors, and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding transparency and action on climate issues. Calculating supply chain emissions demonstrates corporate responsibility and enhances brand reputation.

Cost Savings​

Analysing 3emissions can uncover opportunities for efficiency improvements and cost savings through reduced energy consumption, waste, and resource use across the supply chain.

Sustainable Supply Chain:
How to automate data collection

How can Enistic help me analyse my Supply Chain?

Using AI Carbon Accounting

Enistic platform can go through a decision tree cycle and select the best option to use (this is the most accurate way of getting your Supply Chain data).

Office support Supply Chain can be minimal compared to material purchase for some sectors. You can get your Supply Chain Carbon Footprint using their products footprint rather than the company’s..

You can either request suppliers to enter the data into the platform via the supplier portal or you can enter it using their published data. A lot of large companies have published their figures.

A lot of large companies will publish figures of their emissions in their annual accounts. You can use those to calculate the emissions per £ spent with them.

If you can’t find figures for a particular company, consider using the figures for a similar company that you do know the figures of.

If you can’t find figures for specific companies, consider using industry average figures. They can be wildly out of date and/or incorrect and/or inappropriate.

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