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Manage your Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions in real-time with the Enistic Platform

Built-in Features Designed for Your Trust

Enistic provides support to organisations in the NHS, as well working with their supply chain to comply with PPN 06/21. Our experts have over 20 years of experience, having produced 3,000 + reports that have consistently met the high standard we strive for. We recognise the importance of NHS suppliers reporting their carbon emissions in order for Trusts to better understand their Carbon Footprint. 

Our goal is to provide a service that helps Trusts and NHS suppliers reach their Net Zero targets with the help of our sustainability platform. Track your emissions, create carbon reduction plans and ensure you comply with the standards designed to tackle the climate crisis.

Check out our Carbon Matters interview series

Watch our interview with Janet Smith, Head of Sustainability for Royal Wolverhampton Trusts. Janet talks about the sustainability measures the Trusts have taken in order to reduce their carbon emissions, as well as the challenges they’ve faced with the reporting process. The Trusts have invested in their Net Zero journey and take their role in the Greener NHS Programme seriously. Watch the interview now to hear what they’re doing from a passionate and dedicated Head of Sustainability!

Easily Track Your Scope 3 Emissions.

Track your Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions, making it easier for your Trust to accurately depict their Carbon Footprint. Your data is automatically uploaded, making the process easier than ever.

With the help of the Enistic Platform, NHS suppliers are also managing their carbon emissions and complying with PPN 06/21.

Want to find out more about NHS suppliers and PPN 06/21? Click here.

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Create teams for each Service & allocate tasks

Monitor how each service contributes to lowering your Carbon Footprint. Split the workload by setting up a team and allocating responsibilities. 

Keep an eye on your carbon reduction projects and track progress of team members. Save time and reach your goals with the Enistic Platform.


Up-to-date Carbon Conversion Factors

The Enistic Platform automatically updates the Conversion Factors, so your data is consistently accurate and in-line with Government standards.

All calculations are automated and take place in the platform providing consistency, efficiency, and quality.

Leave spreadsheets behind and get ahead of your Net Zero goals.

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Did you know...


of carbon dioxide emissions annually

Without immediate action, the world is at an increased risk of adverse weather conditions and expanding the range of infectious diseases. The climate emergency is also a health emergency.

Missed the webinar?

The recording of our webinar, NHS Net Zero Compliance for suppliers, is now available to watch online. The slides are also available, so feel free to forward to colleagues who may find this useful! 

In this webinar, we discuss the Greener NHS Programme and Net Zero goals that the NHS has committed to. Find out what PPN 06/21 is and how the NHS has adopted the standard. Learn about the different reporting requirements that NHS suppliers must comply with and much more!

Our Carbon Reporting Platform

Our cloud-based carbon management platform pulls together your carbon data into one, easy-to-access place. Intuitive dashboards help you to visualise key metrics, and monitor performance at a glance. The built in analytics suite enables you to create customisable reports that can be exported and shared with your organisation. Download reports and share your carbon data and progress easily.

• Live Carbon Footprint

• Track & report your progress to stakeholders

• Up-to-date carbon conversion factors

•Analyse and compare individual sites

•Automatic data upload

•Downloadable and customisable reports 

Full Scope 1, 2 & 3 Analysis
Live Carbon Footprint
Carbon Reduction Plans
Create Teams and Distribute data entry

The number 1 carbon reporting system in the UK and Europe

Talk to our Head of Healthcare

Talk to our Senior Healthcare Advisor if you need more information. Brett can help assess what you need to do in order to comply with PPN 06/21.

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