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From the UK’s Market Leader in SECR and ESOS Compliance.

Site Audits

One monthly fee for all your compliance needs.


World-Class Support, ESOS Compliance, SECR Compliance, PPN06-21 Compliance, Scope 3 Analysis, Live Full Carbon Footprint, Carbon Reduction Plan, Procurement Review, Competitor’s analysis… AND MUCH MORE!



One monthly fee to cover all your energy needs 

No surprises, complete transparency, guaranteed compliance for the market-leaders.

Site Audits



Why Enistic Vantage?


Enistic is a Tier 1 provider and the UK’s market-leaders in ESOS and SECR compliance. Our fully automated reporting system ensures you save time and money. Our cloud-based carbon management software, Plato, allows you to access your data from anywhere in the world.

We believe in making the most out of SECR and ESOS, that’s why we suggest comprehensive ways that they can save money to each of our clients – from our superb sub-metering to the installation of energy management systems based on ISO50001.  By understanding how your business works, we will be able to provide you with information that actually adds value and saves money.

Vantage is Enistic’s all-included service. Vantage clients enjoy our unique benefits for a single, all-inclusive monthly fee.



ESOS Compliance

Compliance with ESOS is included with your Vantage subscription. With the support of our experts, you will be able to enter all your data online, avoiding having to scan and send all your energy bills.

SECR Compliance

Vanatge includes SECR compliance. With the use of our cloud-based software, after training, you will be able to create your own SECR report. Our experts will review it to ensure compliance.

PPN06-21 Compliance
You will get a detailed analysis of the required Scope 3 emissions and a Carbon reduction Plan. This will allow you to be ahead of your competitors and be protected for the future.
Live Full Carbon Footprint

You will be able to view and monitor the evolution of your Carbon Footprint from your last 12 months. This will give your business, the chance to make crucial decisions based on immediate and accurate data.

ESOS Audit insurance

With ESOS Audit insurance you will be protected in case the Environmental Agenecy request you to carry a Compliance Audit.

Physical Audits (ESOS)

Site audits of a representative number of sites is mandatory when complying with ESOS. Our Vanatge cients have those audits included to ensure that your ESOS journey is stress-free.

Procurement Review

Our experts will review your procurement on a regular basis to ensure that you are purchasing energy efficiently and that your can make the most out of it commercially. This will also allow our experts to check if there are any improvements that can be made.

Green energy Review

Our experts will analyse your energy source credentials and ensure you get the best option for your business. Changing to green energy will allow you to reduce your emissions significally.

World-class support

Contact our experts Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm via telephone, email or through the chat on Enistic website. We will make sure that your compliance journey is as simple as possible.

3x PLATO users

You will have up to 3 user log-ins for PLATO. This will give you the opportunity to use our cloud-based carbon management software that allows you to report on ESOS, SECR and Carbon Neutrality in a more accurate, and faster way.

Onboarding session and training
Our experts will work with you to establish the best project plan for you and then you will receive the appropriate training to deliver it. This will include PLATO training and support.
Engagement sessions for Green Energy Championship

You will receieve internal training by one of our experts to become a Green Energy Champion. This will help you to promote your sustainability policy internally and achieve Carbon Neutrality faster.

Competitor analysis
Our experts will provide an analysis to show you where you stand in comparison with your top 3 competitors, this is in terms of factors such as their carbon neutrality status and overall sustainability policy.
Marketing Support

You will have the support of our Marketing team which will help you promote your achievements and commitments. This will encompass internal and external promotions.

Want to commit to United Nations (UNCG) or submit your Science-Based Targets initiatives (SBTi)?

Book a free non-commitment appointment with one of our UNCG and SBTi experts and they will help you to find out which programme is best for your company and how can you plan your project!

Our Clients


We were impressed by the amount of time … spent analysing each of the stores individually before we even started talking to the utility companies.

Finance Director

Pret A Manger

Despite our staff occupancy doubling in the same period we managed to reduce total energy

consumption at our headquarters in Kilkenny by 23% over a year, exceeding our expectations. Inefficiencies with our heating systems and controls were quickly identified and improved using the system. The team provide a very good service.

Terry Clune


Delighted at the savings we’ve made already.

We are now rolling out the solution to more of the HCC estate and would recommend Enistic to anyone, especially in a climate where saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint has never been more important.

Barry Sharpe


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