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Our History

Enistic was established in 2002 by leading Internet entrepreneur Darry Mattocks. The company was born with the ambition to help companies reduce their energy consumption and promote green practices. 

Over the years, Enistic has helped over 300 companies to diminish their energy consumption and carbon emissions, providing compliance services (ESOS, SECR, TFCD, etc.), design and bureau services to make it easier for energy managers to reduce their energy expenditure, energy consumption, Carbon Footprint and comply with their legal obligations.

Ensitic focuses exclusively on medium to large non-residential sectors with a specialty in compliance and low-carbon consultancy. Our customer base includes some of the most prestigious brands in the world as well as carbon management companies, energy service companies, and energy-conscious electrical contractors worldwide.

In 2009, the company’s founder developed the Enistic platform, a professional cloud-based carbon management RegTech platform that facilitates the measurement, reporting, and reduction of an organisation’s carbon emissions. Its sustainability data warehouse consolidates, validates, and enriches relevant data for dynamic analysis and informed decisions making. 

In 2021, the Enistic platform become available for clients to use and centralise their emissions data and run reports. The same year, Darryl Mattocks created the Carbon College, a YouTube channel with tutorials and explainer videos about Sustainability matters and regulations for businesses such as Net Zero, ESOS, SECR, COP26, etc.

At Enistic, we mainly work with UK-based companies, but our services are fully scalable and tailor-made to suit each organisation’s requirements.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to help companies to achieve Net Zero by providing them top quality guidance.

Our vision is to contribute to create a future with zero emissions.

Our core values are:

– Responsibility with our clients and the planet.

– Transparency with our work and in our clients reports.

– High-quality reports and projects.

Our Services

Our services include:

SECR and ESOS reporting, Carbon Neutrality, Vantage, Plato Net Zero licenses, Carbon Footprint measurement and reporting, and PPN06/21 and TFCD compliance.

Our Team

Darryl Mattocks

Founder and Managing Director

Toby Newman

Non Executive Director

Andrew Pill

Head of Data Analysis

Silvia Fernandez

Head of Marketing

Peter Provins

Head of Business Development

Brett Denly

Head of Healthcare Practices

Amal Rose

Sustainability Consultant

Kay Chattwood

Sustainability Consultant

Sean Barry

Sustainability Consultant

Farrah Ahmed

Marketing Executive

Mariella Bevan

Digital Marketing Specialist

Naomi Bull

Data Entry Manager

Alex Barran

Business Development Executive

Richard Weaver

Senior Auditor

Eddy Leung

Senior IT Engineer

Ajayi Dhikrullah

Software Developer

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Our Services

A Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) is a statement from a company identifying their current Carbon Footprint and committing to help the UK achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a piece of legislation from the UK Government which replaced the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) was introduced by the UK Government to promote energy efficiency and to ensure large enterprises are regularly assessing their energy usage.

Net Zero refers to producing zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing emissions against carbon emission reduction, and carbon offsetting strategies. 

The Procurement Policy Note (PPN 06/21) sets out how government departments need to take account of suppliers’ Net Zero Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts.

Science-based targets (SBT) are targets that help companies define their journey to reduce carbon emissions, helping prevent the worst impacts of climate change and future-proof business growth.

The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) was developed to create consistent climate-related financial risk disclosures for use by organisations in providing information.

The Environmental, Social and Governance report (ESG) is a statement from a company announcing its current commitment to the environment, social and governance matters. 


Carbon reporting and management for healthcare companies and NHS suppliers. Carbon Reduction Plans and PPN 06/21 solutions for NHS providers from £95 pcm.

Carbon reporting and management for NHS trusts. Supply Chain emissions tracking and breakdown of Carbon Footprint.

Carbon reporting and management for manufacturers including Carbon Reduction Plans, SECR, ESOS, PPN 06/21, SBT, TCFD and ESG compliance.

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