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What is an ESOS Compliance Audit?

The Environment Agency (EA) is the governmental agency responsible for the management of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme or ESOS. On average they audit around 30% of ESOS participants to ensure they have fully complied with the regulations. The ESOS Compliance Audit is part of the ‘Better Regulation’ plan implemented by the government recently. This offers more transparent regulation, working with companies to ensure compliance whilst maintaining standards.  


Why has my company been selected for an ESOS Compliance Audit?

The EA selects the companies to be audited using a risk-based approach. They examine the information submitted by companies in their ESOS Compliance notice. Normally, the first companies selected are those with higher perceived risk. The EA will provide its Risk Matrix compliance criteria to anyone who needs it.

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  • What you need to do if you have been selected.
  • What you can do if you are not satidfied with you ESOS Compliance Audit result.
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Who will carry out the audit and who should attend the Audit?

The audit can be carried by different people: an Environment Agency staff member, an equivalent agency staff member, or an Environment Agency contractor. If the audit is carried by a contractor, the Environment Agency will send you an authorisation letter to confirm this.

You can choose who you want to attend the audit. Nonetheless, that person or people must be familiar with all the documents and they have to be able to explain how you complied with ESOS. You can also invite a Lead Assessor, who can answer the questions and handle the communication with the Environment Agency for you, avoiding unnecessary delays and stress while mitigating the risk of financial penalties.


What will happen after the Audit?

During the audit, the auditor might request you to send extra information. When the auditor has all the information, he/she will prepare the audit report for the EA who will formulate a response on your audit outcome. In this report, any immediate follow-up actions and the timescale for completing these will be included.

Later, you will receive one of the following audit outcomes:

  • Compliant
  • Compliant with remedial actions required
  • Non-compliant

How can Enistic help?

  • Enistic is the UK market leader in ESOS compliance. Our fully automated carbon compliance systems, coupled with over 11 years of experience in our sector and common sense processes make us the ultimate safe pair of hands in a rapidly changing marketplace. We have yet to see a single report fail to meet compliance.
  • We will take charge of the audit. We will be your safe pair of hands before, during, and after the audit to ensure you are compliant. We will help you prepare all the documents for the audit and we will be there on the day of the audit to ensure everything goes well, avoiding unnecessary delays and stress while mitigating the risk of financial penalties.
  • We can start working with you in less than 24 hours! Our team of lead assessors are some of the most qualified in the country, they know what to do, and they are quick and accurate.
  • We guarantee compliance. We are so confident in what we do that we guarantee compliance to every single one of our customers.



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