Technologies | Led Lighting 

LED Lighting Saves up to 90% of your energy use.

Better quality of light means fewer headaches for staff (and pupils if you’re a school)

Lamps last longer and need less maintenance – there are no fluorescent tube starters to replace.

Funding your new LED Lights

Free - Public Sector Heat Decarbonisation Fund

If you can move quickly, the UK Government has allocated £1billion into decarbonisation projects and LED lighting qualifies if fitted alongside a Heat Pump (or you already have heat-pumps fitted).

The challenge is that the fund is closing soon and all applications must be in before 11th January 2021.

Tax-Efficient Lease Purchase

We organise the funding of your new lighting in such a way that the cost of the lease payments and the tax savings you make are at least balanced by the savings you make from your lights.

Effectively you get a system free of charge with no capital outlay.

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