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TCFD is becoming one of the most used acronyms in the sustainability world, but what is TCFD?

The acronym TCFD stands for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, a significant piece of legislation in the UK. Currently applicable to larger companies, including banks and building societies, TCFD is set to expand its reach in April 2022. This expansion will cover additional UK companies with over 500 staff and £500 million turnover, further extending to encompass all large UK companies by 2025.

What sets TCFD apart is its global standardisation, aligning with the commendable work of organisations like SBTi. While the UK is at the forefront of enforcing TCFD, its impact is felt globally. The core mandate of TCFD revolves around companies’ consideration of how they respond to climate change. It necessitates an evaluation of risks and opportunities, outlining strategies for monitoring and addressing climate impacts on the business.

ESOS: Energy Actions Plans

A key requirement of TCFD is the inclusion of all GHG scope 3, which has never been required for other report such as ESOS, SECR, or PPN 06/21. TCFD also requires 4 different carbon footprint analysis, along with the establishment of metrics and targets. Importantly, TCFD disclosures are not private; they are intended for public companies to communicate their climate-related actions and strategies to shareholders.

The TCFD reporting structure encompasses four pillars – Governance, Strategy, Risk Management, and Metrics. Companies are expected to provide transparent and comprehensive information in each of these areas. This reporting isn’t a one-time effort; it requires ongoing maintenance and updates.

Though the TCFD guidance document spans 500 pages, breaking down the intricacies of this legislation simplifies the understanding. The idea behind TCFD is to encourage companies to assess the impact of climate change on their business and share their proactive measures with stakeholders. While one company may not transform the world alone, a collective effort from numerous companies can contribute significantly to carbon reduction.

In essence, TCFD is an essential step toward fostering transparency, accountability, and action within the corporate world. If you have questions about TCFD or any related topics, feel free to send them through, and I’ll do my best to provide insightful answers. 

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Find out more information about the new law changes check our YouTube channel “Carbon College“. And if you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out.